Secure Streets: the Vehicle Safety Inspections experts.

Maryland has comprehensive—and complex—regulations on vehicle safety. We provide training on vehicle safety inspection, compliance audits to find possible COMAR (Code of Maryland Regulations) violations, and advisory services to help with your particular business needs.

For Mechanics

Maryland Inspector Training

We deliver classroom and hands-on training for people who want to become vehicle safety inspectors. We also have courses for business owners and refresher training for current inspectors.

For Supervisors

Regulatory Compliance

We audit your shop’s program and procedures for possible COMAR violations so you can avoid time-consuming responses and costly penalties.

For Owners

Advisory Services

We offer business consulting to meet your specific needs. Is your business under investigation, facing civilian complaints, or having public relations problems? We are not lawyers—and we help you avoid them!

Did you know that 85% of people who take the Maryland Vehicle Safety Inspector Exam fail? With Secure Streets’s training courses, you can pass the exam the first time.

About Our Founder

Our training courses were designed and developed by Secure Streets’s founder and managing principal. Bill is a recently-retired Maryland State Trooper who spent the last eight years of his career overseeing Maryland’s Vehicle Safety Inspection program. He was responsible for division training, the development of safety inspection course work, and working on COMAR regulations to support new technologies.

Bill’s background and experience—as well as his continuing interest in the safety on Maryland’s roads and highways—motivated his founding Secure Streets. Bill designed our training content and serves as senior advisor for our clients on complex, vehicle safety and inspection matters.

Bill also oversees training quality and ensures that Secure Streets meets the highest possible standards in consulting and advisory services.

About Our Company

  • Stay on the right track.

    We offer the only comprehensive Maryland Vehicle Safety Inspection courses available today.

  • Get in the passing lane.

    We train our students to pass each of the three required exams: general inspection, inspection class, and demonstrative ability.

  • Keep to the high road.

    We audit your business materials and practices to ensure compliance with COMAR.

  • Avoid the tolls.

    We advise owners on vehicle safety issues, police investigations, PR concerns, and civil/customer complaints.

Our Services

Secure Streets offers a comprehensive catalog of vehicle safety inspector training, compliance auditing and advisory services. The following are some examples of these offerings. To learn about additional services or to discuss your needs, please contact us.

Vehicle Safety Inspector Training: WRITTEN

Pass the Maryland Vehicle Safety General Inspection Exam & Inspection Class Exam
The first two exams required to become an Inspector are (1) the General Inspection (COMAR 11.14.01) exam and (2) at least one specific inspection class exam (also known as a ‘Mechanical Section’). We provide training for each of these two, written exams. An example of a specific inspections class (as defined in COMAR 11.14.02), is Class “A,” which includes passenger vehicles, limousines, low speed vehicles, recreational motor homes, trucks 10,000 pounds and under GVWR, trailers not equipped with air brakes, up to 20 ft in length, and multipurpose passenger vehicles, except 3-wheeled multipurpose vehicles. Our General Inspection course and our Class “A” course help students acquire the necessary knowledge and skills through classroom lecture, practical hands-on exercises, sample testing and evaluations. [32 hours]

Vehicle Safety Inspector Training: HANDS ON EXAM

Pass the Maryland Demonstrative Ability Exam
After receiving a passing grade on the required written exams, the General Inspection and at least one Mechanical Section, applicants must pass a practical exam administered by the Maryland State Police at an inspection station. Our training provides hands-on experience designed to help you pass the Demonstrative Ability Exam. We will instruct you on the proper calibration, use, reading, and recording of all required tools and equipment and demonstrate proper inspection procedures per COMAR regulations. [12 hours]

Compliance Audit

Find and fix potential COMAR violations.
Secure Streets will evaluate your business’s compliance with COMAR requirements. Violating COMAR requirements can result in costly violations and time-consuming investigations. Our audits include the following:

  1. Inspector Requirements Audit
  2. Station Documentation Audit
  3. Reference Material Audit—including both electronic and written materials
  4. Required Tools Audit —includes all the required tools, and their calibrations
  5. Facility Compliance Audit—includes building requirements, county code compliance, and fire marshal requirements

At the end of the audit, we provide detailed recommendations to resolve each potential violation.

Advisory Services

Consulting on your specific Vehicle Safety Concerns
Maryland’s vehicle safety regulations can be complex. We tailor consulting services to meet the need of your particular business. Areas in which Secure Streets can help include the following:

    1. Starting Up—If you’re interested in providing vehicle safety inspections we provide an end-to-end review and recommendations on facility requirements, personnel qualifications, and licensing regulations.
    2. Police Inquiries or Investigations—Although we cannot provide legal counsel, we can help you understand the processes and issues involved in investigations related to personnel, COMAR violations, and other vehicle-inspection related matters.
    3. Citizen Complaints—We can review civil complaints, and examine COMAR regulations to determine if such complaints have merit. If the resolution of a complaint is procedural, we will provide a recommended course of action to resolve complaints. We will also point out potential legal issues that you could discuss with your attorneys.
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